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Facility Equipment List



MILLING MACHINES Featuring Mori-Seiki Machining Centers

(1ea) Mori Seiki, Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Center, Model MV-65/50
Fanuc 11M Control, Y-25″,X-50″,Z-30″ Repeatability +/-0.0002

(2ea) Mori Seiki, Heavy Duty Vertical Machining Center, Duracenter5,
MAPPS Control, X-31.5″,Y-21.1″,Z-20.1″ 4th Axis Rotary Table repeatability +/-0.0002

(1ea) Mori Seiki, Heavy Duty Vertcal Machining Center, Dura Vertical Model 5100
Fanuc OiMC Control with 4th Axis Rotary Table, X-41″,Y-21″, Z-20″ Repeatability +/-0.0002

(1ea) Milltronics, RW15 Vertical Machining Center, Milltronics 8200-B Series CNC control
X-25″, Y-15″,Z-20.5″ Repeatability +/-0.0002

(2ea) Milltronics, VK2 Vertical Spindle CNC 2 Axis Knee Mill Centruian 7 Control
X-30″, Y-15″, Z-5″ Repeatability +/-0.0002

(1ea) Bridgeport, 42″ Table with Digital Readout and Power Feeds. Repeatability +/-0.0005

(1ea) Bridgeport Series I EZ Trac, 48″ Table, 2 Axis CNC. Repeatability +/-0.0005

LATHES Featuring Mori-Seiki NL Series Turning/Milling

(1ea) Mori Seiki Lathe model SL-25, Fanuc 16T Control, 10″ x 42″ Capacity. Repeatability +/-0.0001

(1ea) Mori Seiki Lathe model NL2000 Y/500, MSX-850W Control 14″ X 23″ Capacity.
Repeatability +/-0.0001 Live Tooling

(1ea) Mori Seiki Lathe Model NL2500 Y/700 M730BM Control 14-1/2″ x 31″
MLB Bar Feed. Repeatability +/-0.0001.

(1ea) Clausing/Colchester, 20″ Swing, 60″ between centers, 3″ Capacity Spindle. Repeatability +/-0.0002

(1ea) Cazenueve Gap Lathe model HB-725, 24″ Swing, 60″ between Centers, 36″ Swing in Gap
Repeatability +/-0.0010.

(1ea) Hardinge High Precision Lathe Model HLV with 5C Collet Attachment.


(1ea) Boyer-Schultz Surface Grinder Model H-612, 6″ X 12″ Table.

(1ea) Sunnen Hone Model MBB 1650 equipped with 1/8″ to 7/8″ Mandrels. Large stock of stones available.


(1ea) Numerex CMM, Model 1818-C100 Ceramic Bridge with CMM Manager software, Renishaw HM8 Probe Head.

(1ea) Trimos Vertical 3-27″ Travel.

(1ea) Trimos V-Series 40″ Height Gage.

(1ea) Deltronic Optical Comparator, 14″ Screen, 10 + 25 Power Lens, 6″ X 10″ Stage Area,
Shadow and Surface Illumination Accuracy +/-0.0001.

(1ea) Granite Surface Plate, 36″ x 60″ (QC Lab).

(1ea) Granite Surface Plate, 24″ x 48″ (QC lab).

(1ea) Granite Surface Plate, 24″ x 36″ (Shop).

(1ea) 18″ Starrett Digi Height Gage with 10″ Riser Block.

(1ea) Profilometer, Hommel T500. Range 0-250 RA.

(2ea) Sunnen Dial Bore Gages 2″ to 6″ 0.0001 Dial 0.740 to 2.000 Multiple Head Gages, .500 to 2.000
1/32 Step Rings, 0.0000 to 2.000 Sunnen Micrometer for setting gages, Mitutoyo Tri-Mics, Digital, 0.0001
Multiple Heads and sPC Output.

(1set) 0.00000 to 6.00000 Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer set with SPC Output and Processor/Printer.

(1set) 0.00000 to 16.00000 Mitutoyo Outside Micrometers.

(1set) 2.00000 to 16.00000 Mitutoyo Inside Micrometers.

(2sets) 0.011 to 1.000 Gage Pins and Delrtonic Sets.

(2sets) 81 pcs. Gage Block Set and a Calibration Only Set.

(1ea) 24″ Digital Caliper and 40″ Digital Caliper. Accuracy 0.001.

Various V-Blocks, Angle Plates, Indicators (Digital and Mechanical) and other supporting instruments
and equipment.