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Registration Complete Letter – 6/28/2022-7/31/2023


Download PDF of our registration letter 2021-2022

United States Department of State
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
Washington, D.C. 20522-0112

Sole Proprietor
Ragsdale Industries
Englewood, CO 80110



Reference: Manufacturer Registration Statement and Fee Submission

The Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance received your registration statement and fee to
register as a manufacturer. We have reviewed your registration statement and your registration code is
M26673, which expires on 2023-07-31.
Any person who engages in the United States in the business of either manufacturing or exporting
defense articles or furnishing defense services is required to register and keep that registration current with
this office pursuant to the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Traffic in Arms
Regulations (ITAR Part 122). Registration serves as a precondition to submitting an application for an
export license or other approval from the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), or to use export
exemptions. This registration does not satisfy the requirements for registering as a broker pursuant to
ITAR Part 129.
As you are the senior officer empowered to sign the registration statement, we ask you to maintain
records consistent with ITAR Section 122.5 regarding: 1) The key senior officer listed on the registration
who will oversee the compliance program and be responsible for designating the direct employees who
will serve as “empowered officials” at their place of employment, and 2) A list of qualified, direct
employees who will serve as “empowered officials” by name, position, business unit, phone and fax
numbers and email addresses. Please note that third parties (individuals who are not direct employees,
such as consultants, subcontractors or outside counsel, for example) cannot serve as “empowered
ITAR Section 122.5 requires you to maintain records concerning your registration and the
manufacture, acquisition and disposition of defense articles; the provision of defense services; and
information on political contributions, fees, or commissions furnished or obtained, as required by ITAR
Part 130. Records maintained shall be available at all times for inspection and copying by this office or by
Customs officials. To maintain such records, managers, supervisors and employees need appropriate
training on AECA and ITAR requirements and must understand the individual and organizational
ramifications of failure to comply. Ramifications may include shipment delay and/or shipment seizure by
Customs and Border Protection, loss of export privileges, or criminal charges.
You may refer to the DDTC website for a Compliance Guide at http://www.pmddtc.state.gov/ and
then click on the ITAR Compliance tab, next click on How to Comply tab. The DDTC website also
includes a copy of the ITAR, explanations of export licensing procedures, how to submit a license

application, country sanctions, individuals / companies debarred by the Department of State, and other
export matters. The website also includes procedures for requesting a commodity jurisdiction
determination (ITAR Section 120.4) should you have questions on whether an article, services, or technical
data is covered by the ITAR Part 121 (U.S. Munitions List).
Please include your registration code and the following statement on all registration correspondence
to this office: “Under penalty according to federal law (22 CFR 127.2; 22 USC 2778; 18 USC 1001) I,
[insert your name], as authorized by [name of company, if applicable] warrant the truth of the statements
made herein.” We recommend submitting for registration renewal well in advance to ensure this office
receives the request up to 45 day before registration expiration. Your registration must be received at least
30 days before the expiration date. Registration must be current to apply for export licenses or other
approvals, or to use export exemptions. Your registration is not current, for example, if you have not
notified this office of any material change in the information contained in your Registration Statement
(ITAR Section 122.4).
For general registration related questions, please contact the DDTC Response Team at 202-663-1282
or by email at ddtccustomerservice@state.gov. For questions related to this matter, please contact April
White at 2026322879.


Daniel Cook
Chief, Registration, Compliance, & Analysis